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The Top Mower Maintenance Tips

Regular lawn mower maintenance can extend the lifespan of your equipment. But neglecting your machine means that you will spend a lot of money on repairs, or end up buying a new one. Explored in this article are the top rated zero turn mowers maintenance tips landscapers need to know.

Great tips

1. Always Read the Owner’s Manual Pretty Well

landscapers This particular manual teaches landscapers how the manufacturer of the machine wants them to take care of it. Take your time to read the piece of writing to understand the basics of using your equipment. Failure to do that, you will always face a great challenge even if a simple problem develops with your machine.

2. Consider Draining Gasoline After Every Mowing Season

Old gasoline can make your machine not to start. That is why you should drain the remaining gas out of your mower at the end of every mowing season. Failure to do that, your machine may not be able to start during the next mowing period. You should always put fresh gas during the spring.

3. Checking Oil Regularly

You should monitor the oil level frequently. If the oil has turned black, consider replacing it. Old oil can damage the engine of your mower. Also, check whether there is any floating debris before starting your machine. Always consult your owner’s manual to know how to drain the old oil and the best oil to replace.

4. Cleaning out the Undercarriage

It is obvious that grass will get stuck underneath your machine during mowing. This is likely going to clog the mower’s discharge chute. You have to use a wire brush to scrap the dirt from the undercarriage. Hose can also be used to spray the remaining debris.

5. Inspecting the Air Filter

A dirty air filter can put added stress on your mowing machine. Most of these units have a foam or paper air filter that you can easily access. It is advisable to replace the air filter annually to ensure optimal performance of your mower.


landscapers  2Other vital maintenance tips include sharpening the blade and changing the spark plug. Before you store the machine for winter, it is highly recommended that you give it a full service. This includes changing filters and oil. That way, your unit will be ready for the next mowing season when landscapers run the equipment for up to 10 hours per day. But if you do not service it, be ready to face trouble with the machine come the next growing season.